Smart AirBox is prototype of an online version for air quality detecting system. This system measures the surrounding air quality nearby the AirBox and provides the related parameters (VOC, PM2.5, Temperature and humidity) to users.

These parameters transmits BLE signal to the BLE gateway. Thus, user could be capable to monitor the surrounding air quality from your PC through BLE gateway or using smart phones to collect these air quality parameters by directly connecting the AirBox through BLE Signals.

1. Power up the gateway by using Micro USB connector.
2. Connect the Ethernet cable with the gateway and the PC for communication purpose.
3. Power up the smart box by using Micro USB connector.
4. Turn on your browser and type in the IP address of the gateway. The IP address of the gateway has been fixed to
5. Please press the highlighted area to activate the webpage and it starts to determine the air quality of the surrounding area.
6. Please use a marker pen or turn on lighter to pollute the surrounding area of air box.

VOC detection unit:
Formaldehyde, Benzene, Carbon monoxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Perfume and other volatile organic gases

There are Four level for the Air Quality (From left to right)
優 – 良 – 中 – 差
Excellent – Good – Normal – Poor

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